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The biggest challenge today's recruiter faces is that they do not have updated candidate information matching to job requirements as their local database is very limited and at times outdated as well. Hence they have to hunt for a 3rd party database option which is expensive for them to buy at once as data providers mostly have half yearly or yearly plans. Even if a database is available it is very expensive and time consuming.


CV store is a place where a pool of all resumes of candidates are stored. You can search candidates for job openings in CV store and view all details of matched candidates as per job requirement.

Search CV- Search candidates for required jobs

How HireXpert can help?

Hirexpert CV store is a versatile repository of CV's. It has lakhs of CV's from different Industries, domain. User seeking for a candidate can put the sorting filters as per their requirements to get a list of available candidates.

  • Along with Candidate details, the Employer or Agency can see the Skill and Profile match score of candidate for the job, which helps me to quickly sort candidates.
  • For quick sorting HireXpert has various Tags which they can attach to candidates profile such as Matched, Unmatched and Favourite. Based on this tagging they can filter the candidates for the consideration.


   As a recruiter this saves a lot of time. I am really very happy with this feature as this has reduced my follow up calls and makes it really very easy to coordinate all the details with everyone.As an employer I get all the updates of a job anytime without checking mails or without having long calls with my recruiter.   

Jay, Director


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