QA India was using database providers' service and local databases as their recruitment database. They already had a basic recruitment website and were receiving hundreds of CV’s every day from prospective candidates. They were also getting 100's of applications for vacancies advertised through their website and social media platforms as they were conducting extensive advertising campaigns for their corporate clients. They received these profiles via email and sorting the relevant candidates from those 1000’s of received profiles was taking weeks of time.

The Solution

They needed an automated way of sorting and submission of relevant profiles to the clients. Hirexpert demonstrated their CV parsing feature which proved a great solution for this problem.


By using HireXpert CV parsing functionality, relevant applicants can be quickly shortlisted, eliminating weeks of administration time client were spending previously. QA India also identified the extra potential in HireXpert system which helped them to shortlist candidates with highest probabilities of joining, hence they asked some of their clients to use HireXpert as they could adopt proper applicant tracking services.


This tool has drastically made our life easy as earlier managing, receiving profiles through our various channels was difficult for us. Thanks to HireXpert and their team for making recruitment work simple and easy. This tool is mind-blowing, I would highly recommend it to everyone, in fact we already have recommended this to our clients as well who are extremely happy with this application.

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