Mernot needed a demanding number of resources very frequently and they were using spreadsheets, excel based procedures for handling and monitoring recruitment activities, on top of it they have to manually screen all the received profiles which was quite time consuming, requires manual efforts and far from being cost effective.

The Solution

They needed a system which could keep all the records in a consolidated manner and can perform auto scanning of profiles. Allowing them to get rid of maintaining spreadsheets and excels.


By using HireXpert applications it has significantly reduced the amount of work which goes into the recruitment process. The system has allowed clients to streamline their entire hiring process and build stronger relationships with the candidates and their hiring managers. HireXpert shows Skill and Profile match score for each candidate added to the job which allows the client to select candidates who have maximum chances of attending and clearing interviews. Predictive possibilities shown by the tool has fasten their entire candidate sorting and shortlisting process. Their position closing cycle has been reduced to more than 60%.


We contacted HireXpert team to provide us a demo of the applications. The demonstration showed us how every individual attribute worked and how it might help us as an organization. The proposal we obtained was clear, detailed and professional. As opposed to just buying a standard solution, the HireXpert team worked closely with us to guarantee the software supported our requirements as a business. The system is very user friendly and represented good value.

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