Indian office of Peninsula Petroleum Group was experiencing difficulty in driving a consistent and productive hiring process, due to disorganized workflows, time-consuming manual recruitment activities and manual coordination over mail or phone. Recruiters were struggling to manage large volume applications and provide follow up to the average 75 candidates they have per job.

The Solution

A centralized system which could organize the entire recruitment activities and manage the large volume of incoming profiles with ease and effectively reduce their communication over mail or phone.


The Indian office of Peninsula Petroleum Group started using HireXpert which digitize and centralize all job applications on one single platform. Hirexpert streamline the recruitment process and improved their workflows. Quick sorting of CV’s and easy addition of candidates into the system have enabled peace of mind in between recruiters. Candidate assessment with screening questions has increased the quality of hire. System automatically creates tasks for concerned people when some action is required by them. And the real time updates for comments or any other important activities taken on candidate cards, helped them to reduce their communication via email or phone by 90%.


HireXpert is great, it is simple to use and allows all our hiring managers to organize and achieve uniformity throughout the recruitment activity. We are extremely happy with HireXpert performance as things have become manageable for us now. It is a great tool to manage the entire applicant process.

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