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Searching and identifying a candidate who is exactly matching clients expectations in terms of skills and other profile details is a major challenge these days. After sharing resumes with employers, most of the time they reply with a poor profile match or duplicate profile as competition is very high in the recruitment business.

Some agencies start sending quantity resumes thinking it will give more shortlisting.


Share resumes that are exactly matching employers expectations. It will surely give a high profile shortlisting ratio. When more candidates will go through the hiring process it will increase chances of selection.

How HireXpert can solve that problem?

HireXpert is a data-driven tool, which shows you with a profile, skill match score to share quality resumes who are best fit for Job. It saves lots of time and cost working on poor match profiles.

  • Skill Match Score :  It helps you understand if a candidate is matching to an employer or tech-team expectations or not. As this score is calculated based on the technical skills required for Job and Technical skills of that candidate.
  • Profile Match Score :  It helps you understand if a candidate is a good match to a job or not on other fronts like Experience, Notice Period. As this is calculated based on Location, Experience, CTC, Notice Period and Distance required for Job.


   This feature has remarkably increased the credibility of my team in a short span of time by helping the recruiter find the suitable candidate within seconds with the help of the software.   

Satinder, CEO

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