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HR/Managers get job applications from many sources such as job boards, social media, career pages, recruiters and references. Maintaining, managing and tracking each application becomes more difficult and painful as the recruitment process also involves some teammates from technical / managerial or human resources.


A system that can manage all applications in one place and streamline the hiring process. All team members must be able to access and communicate all information within the application.

How HireXpert can help?

HireXpert allows HR, recruiters and technical managers to manage all applications in one place. Within Hirexpert you can customize your recruitment process like number of interviews as per your job and company policy.

HireXpert streamlines all applications in one place so that you can keep track of how many applications are in the pipeline and how many are in progress and at what level.

For example:

Consider, Kiran is a manager at TalentXpert and is currently responsible for hiring five new employees in his department. For the past few weeks, he has been receiving a lot of resumes in his email from postings done in the job board and some recruiters, with all the ongoing projects in TalentXpert. It was becoming increasingly difficult to go through every resume and send emails to his team.

Then Kiran adopted HireXpert ATS software to organize this madness. Hirexpert is simple, on which he and his team didn't have to train themselves and just use it like a shared email inbox.

The HireXpert ATS software allowed Kiran to quickly streamline its recruitment process with three steps(Sign up, Create Job and Add Applicants) Kiran was able to assemble all applications from different sources into HireXpert in one place. Now he could track all candidates through the various interview stages created in HireXpert. This made it easier for them to track progress on various applicants through stages. HireXpert allowed Kiran to assign interviews to specific members of the team and get feedback from them and comment on candidates within the system. With ATS software such as HireXpert hirings became a simpler and more organized process for Kiran and his team.


   The only platform for an efficient hiring process with the unique features. I am now relieved from undone, messy excel sheets which are time consuming, tiring coordination between teammates and management to track candidates with their hiring status   

Vaishali, HR

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