Vigsita Interactives recruits with the help of external recruitment agencies. Due to intensive candidate profiles coming from various agency members, handling and keeping track of candidate application at various stages of recruitment became a very tedious and manual effort consuming task.

The Solution

With an intensive recruitment activity, Vigsita Interactives was in need of a software that allowed them to digitalize, manage and streamline their recruiting process.


They chose HireXpert to centralize the candidates’ data and to organize their recruitment workflow so that they could drive a productive hiring process with more performing strategy. Adopting HireXpert was a massive step to implement a more proficient recruitment strategy. Since they started using our software, they’ve experienced a huge perfection in how they handle applications, particularly in terms of candidate communication and follow-up.


Choosing HireXpert is a life changing movement for recruitment activities at our Vigsita Interactives Company. We are now saving a lot of time, which earlier we were spending on managing excel, tracking candidates manually, all these got automated with this tool. The prediction features of this tool are amazing and always help in finding the perfect candidate for us. Trust between us and recruitment agencies went on to the next level due to transparency coming in the hiring process.

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